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To: Dad

It shouldn’t hurt this bad. You were never there to begin with. I don’t know you. I have no recollection of you. It shouldn’t hurt this bad that you left Dad, because it did. It does Dad. Seventeen years without … Continue reading

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For the Love of Marathons

“What are you worried about?” My youth pastor asked me this question today and instead of saying I don’t know, the truth, I said absolutely nothing, kind of shrugged, and looked away inadvertently (obviously), avoiding the question. What I really … Continue reading

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To: The Never Ending RaceĀ 

I. Am. Wrecked. My heart is beginning to shatter. My back is about to break. My body is bruised and I am ever so weary. Last week, I had a friend text me and say, “Embo, ya know, sometimes you’re … Continue reading

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To: The Crucible

I remember the three of us, cocooned in our blankets laying on a pallet, binge watching Smallville and One Tree Hill, incessantly laughing together, a melody to my ears. I remember my mom singing and dancing around the house, praising … Continue reading

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